About us

Why Safeguard Security Services?

We are licensed by the State of Oregon’s Department of Public Safety and Standards and our current staff of supervisors, officers and administrative personnel are some of the most experienced in the area.

Vice-President of Empire Security Services, one of Oregon’s largest and oldest minority-owned security firms.

Also, he is a certified Security Manager by the Oregon Department of Public Safety. Operations, supervision and training are conducted by certified security professionals. Reception/Concierge Service Corporate, Retail, Commercial Real Estate Construction Site security Government Facilities Financial Institutions Personal Protection Residential and Gated Communities Our Training Department continuously updates our security personnel with the latest government and industry regulations. Our training includes extensive X-ray imaging of improvised explosive devices, firearms, artfully designed weapons and all other prohibited items. This training allows American Guard Services, Inc. to keep our staff abreast of the changes that are in compliance with the Maritime Industry and the Security Guard Industry.